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I wanted to let you know we got home safe, sound, extremely happy, and exhausted :).

I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for being so accommodating and setting up the perfect trip for Tyler and I. I can’t thank you enough for all you do, we sometimes forget we are not the only party on your plate. I can’t believe how calm you are even when we are changing our arrival date, you are a true professional.

When Bob picked us up Saturday from Scenic we had a nice conversation, I was surprised and honored to see him. Bob mentioned how he and Cathy might be able to get out and fish a little later in the season, my response was why not Kelsey has it all under control, I told him “you have no idea how relieved I am when I call and hear Kelsey’s voice on the line”. The fact that so many people comment on what a first class operation Wilderness Air Escapes is a direct reflection on you.

The memories and smiles you guys provide me and my son are priceless. We love looking at all the photos we took and reliving the moments frozen in time. I hope to be able to keep returning time and time again. Tyler and I talked about the trip all the way home, the fishing, the Eagles, the cabin, the stars, the flight, the falls, the day lake, the pilots, the staff, you, and Bob…on and on it went, only today did Tyler realize we never turned the radio on in the car from your door step to ours…that’s definitely priceless!

I attached a few of the 400 photos we took…

Please tell Bob I’m sorry I missed him Saturday and to keep his stick on the ice ;)…you have tell me what his favorite beverage is…

Also please pass on to all of the staff what a fantastic time their hard work and dedication provided me and Tyler, they are definitely first rate and keeping Wilderness Air Escapes on top of the game.

Well time to go and cross off another day on the calendar….only 356 days until we are back in paradise…

Again I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us!

See you next June, Cheers

Steve Klima

I just wanted to say thank you to you again as I never got the chance to see you when we left.

Our trip will certainly be a memory we will not soon forget. The serenity, the experience, the beauty of the land, and of course the plane rides was just plain awesome. To be able to share that experience with my son is truly indescribable. I am extremely grateful to you for making that possible.


Absolutely, without a doubt, the best father/son trip I could imagine. Words cannot convey truly how unique and incredible this experience was. From the first phone call, to the moment we left was top notch. The fishing like no other, the scenery breathtaking, the set-up perfect. My 14 year old son didn’t even mind that there was no wifi lol! If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what will. Thanks Kelsey!!! See you soon. Oh, by the way……. well worth the trip from southwestern Ontario (Elora). “Up north” from what we’re used to is not “up north” after being to Vermillion Bay.

G Mulder

Well, it’s done. Another extraordinary trip made with Wilderness Air. And it was a trip to brag about! Oneegum has once again shown us that Mother Nature and the wilds of remote Ontario are the perfect ingredients for a superior vacation.

I must tell you, that first view of the lake from the dock, after climbing out of the plane, puts a big grin on my face and makes me eager to grab a pole. But we first need to carry everything up, get the gear ready, set up the cabin, and then we can head out for a boat.

I’ve counted the fish we catch every year because we realized our first year that it is easy to lose track. We’ll be out on the lake for, say, 90 minutes and Rick will think we’ve had 3 maybe 5 fish. But my count has us at 6 bass, 4 northern and 1 walleye. I start at zero every time we go out, then, when the day is tallied up, you realize you have 77 fish on the 1st day … 88 fish on the 4th day … 113 on the 7thday … and so on. This is the reason our arms hurt after 10 days, because we caught 940!!!

Why do 10 days at one of your lakes go by so fast – Probably because we enjoy it so much. As the saying goes ‘Time flies when you are having fun’. Your wonderful service and fine properties make the trip so easy. We are flown to the lake with first class service and live very comfortably in your wonderful cabins.

That last day is always the hardest though. We head out that morning, knowing the plane will be here the next day. We try to drink our fill of the surrounding beauty, as well as catch more fish (another 111!) But the lake gave us a wonderful send-off this year. Rick & I had each caught a 15-16” bass in Loon Nest Bay, when the area lived up to its name. We turned our heads to check out the next section of bank and there was a pair of loons, with one guarding the nest. Since we didn’t want to disturb them, we decided it was a fitting end … not only to a glorious day, but also to a truly wonderful trip.

We are already looking forward to next year.


Reta & Rick Davies ~ Rapid City SD