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Crooked Lake

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You’ll fly into this secluded 13-mile, 9000 acre lake and enjoy significant currents at several places where the lake narrow necks down. At Crooked Lake, you’ll have three boats at your disposal, with 9.9 and 15 hp Yamaha outboards.

Our Crooked Lake outpost offers a unique camping experience. It has two cabins (a cook cabin and a sleeping cabin) nestled among birch, poplar and pine trees. You’ll create your meals in our historic trapper’s cabin, which was originally built in 1954. We’ve completely restored it while maintaining its pioneer charm. Dinner will never taste so great. With a full belly, retire to the sleeping cabin nestled in the hill overlooking the lake. Crooked Lake offers a vacation to write home about.

*Please note there is one other outpost cabin on this lake.

Absolutely, without a doubt, the best father/son trip I could imagine. Words cannot convey truly how unique and incredible this experience was. From the first phone call, to the moment we left was top notch. The fishing like no other, the scenery breathtaking, the set-up perfect. My 14 year old son didn’t even mind that there was no wifi lol! If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what will. Thanks Kelsey!!! See you soon. Oh, by the way... well worth the trip from southwestern Ontario (Elora). “Up north” from what we’re used to is not “up north” after being to Vermillion Bay.

G Mulder

GPS Coordinates

North: 49 08 04.79
West: 92 48 20.84

Fish Species

Smallmouth Bass

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Crooked Lake