COVID 19 Update
COVID 19 Update

COVID 19 Update

In light of all of the recent events surrounding the COVID 19 virus, we would like to assure people that we are optimistic that our season will continue as planned. As of right now the schools and establishments with public gatherings of 50 or more, have closed down operations until April 3rd and reopening after that. There has been a lot of media speculation and articles floating around, we have been following the guidelines on the government of Ontario web link We will take every precaution necessary to ensure the cabins, office, aircraft etc will be sanitized and cleaned. Just think, a remote lake and private cabin with no one else around is the perfect place to be to relax and get away from it all.

We will keep you updated as things happen. Always feel free to call us at 807-227-5473 or email us at if you have any questions.

On a lighter note, we have lots of birch bark around if we run out of toilet paper.

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American Plan Package

If you believe going on vacation means not lifting a finger, you’ll love our American Plan Package! It’s the ultimate indulgence.

Bring your fishing gear and personal belongings, and leave the rest to us. Really! Your every need and whim will be met by one of our experienced cooks/guides. Consider him your five-star concierge. Every detail, from groceries and bait to camp setup to a perfectly filleted shore lunch, is taken care of so you can focus on once-in-a-lifetime fishing. Like the idea of having a private lake to yourself, but don’t want the burden of cooking your own meals or cleaning your fish? It’s
the very best of both worlds: absolute pampering in complete isolation.

You’ll enjoy a magnificent sunrise while he cooks breakfast. You pull in trophies while he prepares your food, from gourmet dishes or a menu of your choice. You feel the night chill, he’ll create a perfect campfire. He’ll even point out a few constellations in an unfamiliar sky to make you feel at home. It’s the details that create memories, and our guides are on call for you.Getting away from it all with a personal butler at the ready. Rustic adventure has never been so refined. Call for details/pricing.

We will be on the American Plan for every Wilderness Air vacation going forward! The American Plan, like everyone and everything at Wilderness Air, is amazing for several reasons. First, the food is extraordinary. Ted is a true gourmet, and every single meal – breakfast, lunch and supper, and the appetizers in between – is gourmet caliber. Ted customizes the meal plan to our specific preferences, integrating fresh fish daily with a widely-varied and creative overseas and North American menu. Second, the American Plan greatly added to the relaxation of our vacation. Ted brought everything connected to meals and beverages, significantly easing our packing and preparation. Once in camp, Ted does everything related to our well-being; Ted’s main request of us is that we relax and have fun 100% of the time. Third, Ted’s definition of American Plan is broad, meaning he does lots beyond handling meals. Examples include adjusting meal times to our schedule on the fly, handling all communications with the air base on our behalf, and filleting fish. Fourth, you will not go hungry on the American Plan; every meal is very generously portioned.

Everything about Wildness Air is amazing. The people. The planes. The flights. The cabins. The pilots. The outpost lakes. The equipment. The daily lakes. We are thrilled that the American Plan is now part of the mix. We are on the American Plan for good!

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