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Solitary Lake

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Another perennial favourite with our return guests, this fly-in lake is 9600 acres with a depth of 40 feet. It’s a favourite in the animal kingdom too, with moose, beavers, eagles and loons loudly declaring themselves. Both anglers and kids appreciate Solitary Lake for its numerous islands, weedy bays, inlet and outlet. There is always something to catch (including trophy northern pike and perfect eating sized walleye) and explore!

Our Solitary Lake outpost offers views of one of the most beautiful areas of Northwestern Ontario ...and Canada for that matter. Your jaw will drop when you see our gorgeous log-sided cabin nestled among the rocky Canadian Shield, a pristine boreal forest and the awe-inspiring lake. The toughest question about your stay at Solitary: which seven people will you bring

That last day is always the hardest though. We head out that morning, knowing the plane will be here the next day. We try to drink our fill of the surrounding beauty, as well as catch more fish (another 111!) But the lake gave us a wonderful send-off this year. Rick & I had each caught a 15-16” bass in Loon Nest Bay, when the area lived up to its name. We turned our heads to check out the next section of bank and there was a pair of loons, with one guarding the nest. Since we didn’t want to disturb them, we decided it was a fitting end … not only to a glorious day, but also to a truly wonderful trip.

Rick D

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