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Conver Lake

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Exclusivity at its finest! Our outpost at Conver Lake is the only cabin on this 7-mile, 3400 acre lake. This location includes a historic canoe route and three portage lakes, including a 45-minute hike through green mossy terrain and tall jack pines. Give your soul the chance to recharge in a lush forest. You’ll return home anew.

The Conver Lake outpost is a real beauty. Set back in the forest, you can reach the beachside deck on a long wooden boardwalk. Lounge on the beachside deck while someone else barbeques. Catch spectacular sunsets and relax in the sauna. Of course, you’re on this catch and release lake for the fishing, which includes large walleye and trophy northern pike. You won’t be disappointed! You’ll also appreciate having a satellite telephone, indoor toilet and new Lund boats with 9.9 hp motors.

Invite a large group as this cabin has four bedrooms and sleeps eight. Kids, parents and anglers have all given Conver Lake an enthusiastic thumbs up.

The set up at Conver was so well thought out and a beautiful site. We thoroughly enjoyed the silence, scenery and fishing – we ate well! Thanks so much for a wonderful trip.

Martinjako Party ~ Minnesota

GPS Coordinates

North: 50 08 68
West: 91 07 01

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Conver Lake